Battle Interface

HP Bar
Displays remaining health. The round ends when one player's health reaches zero.
Skill Icons
Displays available skills. After performing a skill, its respective icon will be temporarily darkened until it can be used again.
Skybound Art Gauge
Resource gauge that can be spent to perform Skybound Arts, Super Skybound Arts, and Ultimate Skills. Can be filled by dealing or receiving damage, among other actions.
Bravery Points
Resource that can be spent to perform Raging Strikes and Brave Counters, or depleted when struck by a Skybound Art, Super Skybound Art, or when guard crushed. Each player starts a round with three in stock.
Displays how much time is left in a round. The round ends when the timer reaches zero.
Round Icon
Displays the number of rounds won by the player.
Chain Counter
Displays the number of consecutive hits performed in a chain.
System Text
Displays contextual battle information such as counter hits.

Match Format

A player wins a round when they reduce their opponent's health to zero. The first player to win two rounds wins the match.

Time Limit

Each round has a 99 second time limit. When the timer reaches zero, the player with more remaining health wins the round.