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This 2D fighting game based on the hit mobile RPGfrom Cygames was an ambitious titlethat set out to expand the boundaries of the genre.
Since 2020, events and tournaments have been held worldwide with
the loving support of players and fans alike.

And now... the next version of GBVS, revamped with all-new features,
has arrived: Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising.

Take each character's Skills to the next level. The GBVS experience has been elevated not only visually, but with deeper battle mechanics to outplay and outsmart your foes like never before.
A quick attack that can be performed while dashing—close the gap and keep the pressure on with different variations using light, medium, and heavy attacks. Some characters have dash attacks that can be chained into combos or used to catch blocking foes off guard!
Just like the Auto Combo system, Triple Attacks can be performed by pushing an attack button three times in a row. The third hit, however, can be changed to an overhead or low attack depending on your input. Use them to open up a defensive foe and keep your pressure going!
Raging Strikes are powerful attacks that cannot be blocked and cause guard crush in addition to depleting a Bravery Point from the foe.
Performing a Raging Strike against a foe in block stun won't cause guard crush, so be careful with your timing!
A Raging Chain can be performed as an additional follow-up after landing a Raging Strike.Combined with Raging Strike, it will require a lot of SBA Gauge to perform, but can be chained into additional attacks for major damage!
Brave Counters are counterattacks that can be performed while blocking a foe's attack or during guard crush.
It will send the foe flying upon a successful hit and has a quick recovery if blocked, making it an effective tool to turn the tides of battle back in your favor!
Brave Counters cost 1 Bravery Point to perform.

In addition to the original cast of 24 characters, even more playable characters will be joining the roster!
Experience an abridged version of the story mode from GBVS in addition to a new original story.

The online lobby has undergone a complete overhaul! Enjoy various mini games between matches, including "Grand Bruise Legends!", an all-new party mode.
Race to the finish while avoiding obstacles and use items to take out other players in this topsy-turvy battle royale!
Wrangle up Gold Bricks and take them to your team's stockpile within the time limit. Just like in Rising Royale, you might need to play dirty to win!

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

Fighting, Party
1-2 (Local Multiplayer)
Online Features
Release Date
Coming in 2023