New and improved game modes abound!
Explore the expansive world of Granblue Fantasy Versus!

Single-player mode against the CPU.
You can adjust the difficulty after every match to suit your experience level.
You might even be able to see a special ending after the boss fight if you meet certain requirements!
Or go head-to-head with a friend in Versus Mode and set your own rules!

Learn the basics while reading through an immersive story spanning three parts—
and since the story from the original GBVS is included, you won't be missing a thing!

Crossplay and
Rollback Netcode
We've implemented rollback netcode
to give you the best online fighting experience.
It even works during crossplay,
letting you duke it out with players across the globe.

Compete or spectate in matches in a private online room.
Useful for hosting your own tournaments or keeping matches invite-only.

(This feature is not available in the Free Edition.)

Use training tools so you can practice that perfect combo.
With new features like Situational Training and Combo Practice,
there's a tool for you regardless of your skill level.

Take in all that the Granblue Fantasy and GBVSR world has to offer through its lore, art, and music.
Some sections can only be unlocked through gameplay, so full completion will be a challenge!

You can create dioramas featuring characters, backgrounds, and other set pieces in this mode.
Make use of the camera, lighting, filters, and more to capture your perfect Sky Realm scene!