Set Contents
6 DLC characters to be released:
- Lucilius, 2B, Vane, Beatrix, ???, ???
Release Date
Jan 16, 2024
  • - Some content in this set is also available as a stand-alone purchase. This set is also included within the GBVSR Deluxe Character Pass 1, which comes with additional bonus items. Please be careful to ensure you do not make a duplicate purchase.
  • - In order to use this content, you will need the full paid game, which is sold separately. The latest content update may be required.
  • - Content will gradually become available after the game is released.
  • - This content can be accessed by connecting your PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 to the internet and signing into the PlayStation™Network.
  • - This set includes some content that can be obtained separately in the in-game Rupie Shop.
  • - The PlayStation® version of the Character Pass will unlock bonus items for Granblue Fantasy (original mobile game) as certain additional characters become available.
  • - This set will unlock the bonus items for Granblue Fantasy (original mobile game) that are also included in the Additional Character Set.
  • - Bonus items for Granblue Fantasy (original mobile game) are not included in the Steam version of the Character Pass.