About Battle Passes
Battle Passes are progression-based events where you can unlock all kinds of rewards by clearing missions and raising your Battle Pass level!
About Premium Battle Passes
By purchasing a Premium Battle Pass, you'll unlock premium rewards in addition to the standard Battle Pass rewards.
Premium Battle Passes can be purchased at any time during the current round to retroactively unlock rewards based on your current Battle Pass progression.

  • Costume: Beatrix
  • Character Color: Charlotta
  • Character Color: Soriz
  • Character Color: Yuel
  • Character Color: Siegfried
  • Weapon Skin: Gran
  • Weapon Skin: Metera
  • Weapon Skin: Lowain
  • Weapon Skin: Ferry
  • Weapon Skin: Beatrix
  • Sticker: Bully...
  • Sticker: Drool
  • Character Illustration: Katalina
  • Character Illustration: Grimnir
The following rewards will also be unlocked:
  • Trophies
  • Badges
  • Battle Cards
  • Music: Small Fish in a Small Pond
  • Draw Tickets
  • Rupies
The following rewards can be unlocked for free:
  • Trophies
  • Badges
  • Battle Cards
  • Character Illustration
  • Sticker
  • Music: Fight with a Primal Beast
  • Avatar: Shark
  • Draw Tickets
  • Rupies
Release Date
May 23, 2024
Buy Battle Pass levels to get your Battle Pass rewards right away!
  • - This Premium Pass only applies to the current Battle Pass round and will not carry over to the next one.
  • - Be sure to check the in-game information for this Battle Pass before purchase.
  • - In order to use this content, you will need the full paid game, which is sold separately. The latest content update may be required.
  • - This content can be accessed by connecting your PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 to the internet and signing into the PlayStation™Network.
  • - This set includes some content that can be obtained separately in the in-game Rupie Shop.